Shoulder, Chest And Triceps Dumbbell Workout | Push, Pull And Legs | Upper Body Workout | Cult Fit

Join Rahul and Rahul Basak for this 30 mins Push, Pull, and Legs session for you to tone your upper body. Say yes to healthy living with Cult Fit!

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1:24 Shoulder Taps with T - Spine Rotation
2:22 Bent over Y Raises
3:32 Alternating 2 point plank
4:44 Jumping T's
6:14 Alternating dumbbell shoulder press
7:45 Dumbbell lateral raises (Lower Slowly)
9:01 Single dumbbell halos
10:51 Bridge hold floor press
12:32 Skull Crusher
13:58 Wide hand push up
15:59 Plank Hold
20:22 Thread The neddle
21:24 Downward Dog to low dragon
23:03 Puppy pose to child's pose
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