Shreddage Amp XTC - (Impact Soundworks VST) - Demo Music Video

I demo Impact Soundworks brand new plugin, Shreddage Amp XTC. An amp plugin/VST based on the legendary Bogner Ecstasy, renowned for its pure, rich tone and versatility across clean and high-gain sounds.



* Faithfully modeled down to the circuit level for an accurate reproduction of the original's astonishing range and brilliant tones

* Modular pedalboard with first-class models of classic pedals like the Tube Screamer and Distortion+

* Push-pull style power amp and a tone stack that sounds better and better as you add gain

* Extensive cabinet selection, with custom impulse responses (IRs) from 13 different cabs/speakers and multiple mics

* 27 outstanding presets from clean to crunch, smooth to dirty, or make your own tone

* A legendary boutique amp at a fraction of the price


IMPACT SOUNDWORKS is a leading developer of virtual instruments, sample libraries, and music software tools for composers. Since 2008, our instruments have been used by over 100,000 musicians around the world on Billboard charting albums to major Hollywood blockbusters and AAA video games. Popular instruments include the SHREDDAGE series of virtual guitars, SUPER AUDIO CART retro chiptune sounds, VENTUS and PLECTRA SERIES world instruments, and dozens more.
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