Shure SM57 vs AKG P170 - Detailed Voice, Guitar, and Bass Amp Comparison

This is my detailed comparison of the Shure SM57 and the AKG P170 for voice, guitar, and bass amp recording.

In this comparison, I look at unprocessed and processed audio using three preamps/channel strips - the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, ART Voice Channel (Tube Preamp), and the DBX 286s. Using the three preamps, a compare voice, guitar amp, and bass recordings without processing so you can hear the character available from both the SM57 and P170. I also demonstrated the effect of both plugin and outboard processing to give you an idea of how these two legendary mics respond to Compression, EQ, and De-essing.

I wrap up with physical tests on both the SM57 and P170 for working distance, proximity, handling noise, background, and off-axis rejection.

After watching this comparison, you will have an understanding of where these two microphones popular for home, project, and professional studio recording might fit into your mic locker.

Thanks for checking out my comparison of the SM57 and P170!

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Links (Not Affiliate):

Shure SM57: https://links.askdrtk.com/shure-sm57
AKG P170: https://links.askdrtk.com/AKGP170
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6: https://links.askdrtk.com/scarlett8i6
ART Voice Channel: https://links.askdrtk.com/art-vc
DBX 286s: https://links.askdrtk.com/dbx286s

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00:00 Introducing the SM57 and P170
01:01 Unprocessed Audio Comparisons for Voice with 3 Preamps
04:21 Guitar Amp Recordings and Analysis - Rock Guitar
06:41 Guitar Amp Recordings and Analysis - Blues Guitar
08:45 Bass Amp Recordings and Analysis
10:41 Processed Audio Demonstration - Scarlett 8i6 with Neutron 3 Plugin
12:31 Processed Audio Demonstration using the ART Voice Channel
14:10 Processed Audio Demonstration using the DBX 286s
15:39 Physical Tests Comparing the SM57 with the P170
22:11 Do you need the SM57 or the P170 or Both - My Thoughts
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