Silent Disco Direct Setup of Headphones & Transmitter Silent Concert Silent Garba Dandiya Yoga Party

Silent Disco Direct Setup of Headphones & Transmitter Setup Instructions Silent Concert Silent Yoga Silent Disco Silent Pub Silent Garba Silent Dandiya

This video explains how to set up silent disco equipment from Silent Disco Direct. This simple process takes no longer than 5 mins.

Introducing A New Medium for Experiencing Sound

The experience of music listening as we know it has evolved over the years with the growth of club culture. Party-goers know better than anyone else that sharing music has always been a strong catalyst for community building. Silent disco headphones is a completely new age phenomena that has swept over the world party scene. Silent gigs, quiet clubs or rave parties are a relatively emerging trend that started around '05.
Silent Disco simply means people dancing at an event listening to music which is pumped up through wireless headphones rather than it being played out loud on amplifiers or large speaker systems.

Introducing Silent MX Headphones

MX is proud to present Silent Headphones - India's first silent disco headphone brand. Silent MX headphones support a 433 Mhz / 863 MHz / 915 Mhz ISM Band. Its double PLL system ensures ultimate frequency stability for uninterrupted music enjoyment.

With the rise and rise of club culture, silent headphones solve a huge problem. Have you ever visited a club where the noise was so deafeningly loud that you couldn't even hear a single word, however yelled, clearly? Such noise is not only harmful to your ear drums but it totally kills the vibe of the night.

Silent Discos are Awesome

Who knew in a place as populous like India where we love to make a good loud racket, a silent disco party could be the next best thing? Why waste time on doing the usual dated stuff, when you can go out there and explore something that’s so much cooler. Of all the pub hopping you’ve spent your weekends, what could be better than to host the coolest new party.
Be the envy of your clique every party season. Put your pair of silent disco headphones on and just dance your feet off the ground. Why waste time yapping when you can silent disco dance!

You can take the party anywhere - why not a silent disco house party without being stressed about finding space? Turn your living room into the dance floor!

Incredible Wireless Range upto 500 Metres
10 Hours of Battery Life for Never ending Parties
Big 40mm Drivers for Energetic Sound
One Transmitter, Endless Headphones
Music Channel Setup for upto 3 DJs
Any Music Anywhere & Anytime
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