Silktone releases the new Silktone Astro tube amp

Silktone releases the new Silktone Astro tube amp. Here's what they say:

We're excited to announce the new Silktone Astro! A great studio amp with a fixed reactive 0.5W attenuator.

Simplicity was the goal when we set out to design the Astro - the purist in me knew something could be gained by minimizing the circuit design, but I wanted to do it without sacrificing the wide range of great tones available from the silktone amp's full TMB controls. Well, it worked - we kept them and they're now super easy to dial in.

The single tilt-style tone knob controls both treble and bass simultaneously: set to noon bass and treble are evenly balanced, turn it clockwise to get a treble boost and at the same time a bass cut, counterclockwise to get a bass boost and a treble cut. You’ll also find a 3-way voice switch for full mids ("Dense"), scooped mids ("Light") or to bypass the tone stack entirely for a flat EQ and gain boost ("Raw Silk")
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