Silvertone 45w 4707 Serviced Tube Amp

The Silvertone 4707 is a 45w tube amp for Organ amplification from the 60's which was sold by Sears and Roebuck. This is the second time around for this model amp, so it felt necessary to revisit plant of amps first restore in this video before it sells. Ya don't come by these out in the wild every day!

Rich Moore & Dave Felton (Both former members of Mushroomhead) speak while Dave plays this classic vintage retro tube amp.

Silvertone 4707:
45w single 6v6 powered
5y3, with 2 12ax7 pre amp Tubes

Speaker brand: Oxford
Part# 31-604-1 | 12L6-3 | 465 710

Follow me to see many more vintage amp trials and amplifier repair sessions to come.

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