Simple audio synthesizer: how to make it part 2 (VLOG and schematic) & more in earlier video's

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Project to make a simple audio synthesizer, video 2. Please read the textbox. An update and only a VLOG, telling something about the development of the simple audio synthesizer with a few (3 or more) Muvibs and a sine wave generator that has to make the “base tones” in the audio range.

It shows how the keyboard was made and much more.

Precise schematics of the sine wave generator with the TL 071 FET Opamp will follow soon, within a week or so.

nb: when you solder in a capacitor of 220 N (0,22 uF) between the collector of the BC 547 B transistor, before going to the 22 K resistor of the 3 stage filter, sometimes there are better waveforms. And/or: when you bridge the 220 N capacitor out of the collector of the BC 547 B with a wire, you will also have other (sometimes better) results (more fierce waveforms).

Everything takes a lot of time to be worked out to a schematic that everyone can make (aim of my YT Channel: simple properly working electronics for everyone).

The idea is now (5 January 2022): A sine wave generator that can make sine waves between (say) 5 Hertz and (say) 4 KHz (perhaps higher), via that keyboard. Made to work like a simple piano/musical keyboard with 10 keys.

On that sinewave the 3 squarewave signals can be “superposed”, they must “break in” into the smooth 1 or 2 sine wavs sound(s). Also: minimal 2 different (!) sinewave sounds (harmonic or not) that can be played at the same time, so they must be mixed, by using a a double keyboard with 2 x 5 “piano” keys/tones.

Thus: square waves modulated and breaking into sine waves that in general create harmonic sounds, easy to listen to. The Muvibs can break into that. And of course, the pinch off effect of the 1 M potentiometer in the earlier video will play a role here, that are my first thoughts.

I show now some first test schematics, but it is a better idea to look at the coming video’s where everything is better worked out and tested.

The TL 071 FET Opamp is used, it has very good properties to generate square waves, even in the 1 Hertz-10 Hertz band. At the output of the TL 071 (pin 6) there is a 1 transistor amplifier stage (BC 547 b) and after that 1 transistor amplifier a 3 pole filter that changes the square waves (5 Hertz-4 KC) into sine waves.

Good video (31 december 2021, showing the principles and the parameters in the textbox) is here

Third earlier video (how to make a basic synthesizer with 3 A Stabile Muvibs, generating square waves) is here

Because I renamed the whole project as a “simple audio synthesizer”, this video (5 January 2022) will be named as video 2 in the project. More to follow.

Thanks for the understanding this “renaming” because going into another phase of development.

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