Simple audio synthesizer: how to make it part 4: demo of the FET decoupling stage schematic

Part 4 of the audio synthesizer project. Please read the textbox/description first.

For a better overview and what this is all about (making a simple audio synthesizer) watch the earlier video’s.

They are here:
Video 1 https://youtu.be/Zt0widtCGRU
Video 2 https://youtu.be/Ud2WjJGgaHE
Video 3 https://youtu.be/atfLEFhQ49E

In this video (vid 4) I show how a FET (Field effect transistor, be it a BF 245 b, a,b,c (obsolete) or a BF 256 b FET (not obsolete) can handle a quite complicated job: changing a high impedance source out of the 555 Chip (pin 6 and else) into low impedance source (say : output), to which (say) simple audio amplifiers can be connected with input impedances in the 1 K to 10 K range.

Via a coupling capacitor etc. Many circuits of such a 1 Silicon transistor amplifier (say a BC 547 B, audio, 20 Hz - 20 KC) amplifying 100-200 x are on my YT Channel.

Anyway: it is about a project to make a simple audio synthesizer & video 4 in the project. Please read the textbox. An update and only a VLOG, telling something about the development of this simple audio synthesizer with a few (3 or more) Muvibs and a sine wave generator that has to make the “base tones” in the audio range.

Good first video (31 december 2021, showing the principles and the parameters) is here https://youtu.be/KisdQ0mednI

Good earlier video (how to make a basic synthesizer with 3 Astabile Muvibs, generating square waves) is here https://youtu.be/Zt0widtCGRU

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