Simple SDR with Arduino Audio Tools

In this video I build a simple SDR receiver using the ESP32-A1S and Arduino Audio Tools (

Here's the github repo containing all the code and schematics:

Here's my previous videos on the Tayloe detector board

Here's the kicad files for the boards

Here's my previous video on the si5351

Here's my fork for the si5351 and LiquidCrystal libraries

Just download the Bounce2 and Encoder libraries using the Library Manager - I didn't modify those

0:00 Intro (sorry for all the banging...)
0:36 Block diagram walkthrough - Tayloe Detector
1:55 Block diagram walkthrough - ESP32 Processing
4:44 Using the si5351 with code example
6:53 si5351 in action
8:07 Audio Phase Shifting
10:32 Demo of what happens with too many taps
11:43 Schematic walkthrough of the Radio
14:36 Walkthrough of Radio components
15:48 Radio with injected RF at -70 dBm
17:15 Looking at the sideband suppression on the oscilloscope
18:55 Walkthrough of the Radio.ino code
24:30 Finally on the air...
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