Simple way to SUPERCHARGE your amp - EQ pedal in FX loop

If you're not satisfied with your amp tone, try putting an EQ pedal in the effects loop. This will give you more control over the way your amp sounds and will expand the amp's tonal range beyond the classic 3 EQ bands that most guitar amplifiers have.
In the demo, I actually prefer the second guitar tone when played on its own, (boost pedal+ amp) but in the context of a full mix, the tone with the EQ in the effects loop sounds way better and more powerful.

This Behringer EQ pedal is quite harsh sounding and kind of messes up the tone somewhat, it's an entry pedal that i got just to see if i needed a dedicated EQ. And it definitely showed me the potential that such a pedal has to upgrade your amp sound. I'm definitely looking to upgrade to a better 10-band eq now, something like the MXR 10-Band Equalizer.

Gear used:
Italia Maranello Classic - Wilkinson Alnico V - Output: 14 K (54 gauge wound G) B standard tuning
Harley Benton SG - Wilkinson Alnico V - Output: 14 K (56 gauge wound G) B standard tuning

Isosceles Boost (DIY, Musikding kit)
Fortin Grind Mode

Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer (In FX loop)
Since i sometimes play in Drop A, the bass equalizer is better suited for the frequencies than a regular guitar EQ pedal)

Orange Crush Pro 120

Eminence Swamp Thang 1x12 Cab
Recorded close-mic with Shure SM57

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