Simplify Your Budget & Your Life

Simplification is kind of a running theme in Budget Nerds, but Ben and Ernie haven't done a whole show dedicated to simplifying -- simplifying the budget, your bank accounts, even your life! Today they discuss various ways they've tried to simplify their finances over the years, what has worked and what hasn't.

Do I Need a Savings Account? by Ben Barlowe

Is It Bad to Keep Money in a Savings Account? by Matthew Amster-Burton

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0:00 Intro
2:02 Simplify your personal finance life
3:21 Why we overcomplicate things
5:16 Simplify bank accounts
17:29 Simplify credit cards
21:34 Simplify categories
26:26 Simplify personal finance apps and spreadsheets
34:53 Other odds and ends to simplify: automate bills, consolidate retirement accounts, go paperless, and payoff debts
46:50 YNAB Wins


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