Siren test | TESLA UEAJ Loudspeaker (2x) |02.02.2022|

Time: 12:10 PM

Location: Prostějov
Siren distance: 26m (85ft)

Manufacturer: TESLA Blatná a.s.
Manufacturer's designation: TESLA
Voltage: 24V
Rated current consumption: 8,3A
Rated power: 200W
Volume: 103dB/30m
Horns: 2
Horn direction: Unidirectional

We received the left UEAJ speaker during the decommissioning of one of the older UEAJ acoustical units. The speaker got damaged during an unfortunate occasion, as it fell off the sturcture due to a severe weather condition. The speaker is very worn off due to it's age in deployment, but It's driver is perfectly operational and in great condition.
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