Sky Glass TV Review | One Month Later...

Reviewing Sky Glass after a month of testing this smart QLED TV, the successor to Sky Q and possibly the ultimate streaming telly in 2021. With this television, you no longer need a dish nailed to your house to enjoy those many, many channels. Instead, Sky Glass can stream all of your shows, movies and sports over the internet. Setup is simple, taking only a few minutes, while the Stream Puck can be used to beam content to your other televisions.

Sky Glass' QLED panel isn't as bright and doesn't boast as strong contrast as rivals from Sony and LG, while PS5 and Xbox Series X fans miss out on 4K at 120Hz. However, the audio output is sublime, removing the need for soundbars and surround sound systems.

One big deciding factor in the Sky Glass vs Sky Q argument however is the use of playlists instead of local recording. No longer can you store TV shows and other bits on a box, instead it's all done via the cloud. Bums.

That's my thoughts on this Sky TV after one month of full time use, but what do you reckon? Let me know your thoughts below!

Sky Glass TV Review Chapters:
0:00 - Waffly start bit
0:42 - Design
1:44 - Setup & ports
3:34 - Remote control & Enhanced experience
4:33 - Voice search
5:32 - UI
6:06 - Playlists
8:02 - Issues
8:33 - Video
9:37 - Audio
10:28 - Sky Stream Pucks
11:25 - Verdict
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