Slash's Snakepit - Back And Forth Again Solo Cover

A little one take cover of one of my favourite Slash solos
Im using amplitube 5 in this one with my own #34 preset, i have alot of different presets for different eras, so if you are interested in any please feel free to send me a message


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Techniques, improvisations, knowledge, fluidity, licks and transitions, emotion and feel in the style of, Is just a few of the services i can offer you.
I teach every skill level, and my roots are in the old school 90's slash style.
- These Slash lessons are not necessarily theoretically demanding, as it's a personal process of growth, and there is no rules to a feeling or emotion. Im just guiding you towards using your guitar as a tool of expression.
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Amplifiers and Cabinets:
Marshall JCM Slash 2555SL 1996' 100W Snakepit head
Marshall 2554 All Original Silver Jubilee 1987' Combo 25/50W w. org. 1987' English V30
Marshall AFD100 2011 100W "Appetite for Destruction" Slash Signature head
Marshall SV20H "Plexi" Snakeskin #34/36 Slash mod by Eddy Lenz/Lenz Amplification
Marshall SL5 "Slash Signature Combo" W/Custom AFD BADGE & Salt&Pepper Grill Cloth w. V30 Celestion
Marshall 1960AV Original Slash Signature Snakepit 1996' CAB 4x12 With English HP 70W Vintage 30's W/Trucker Girl
Marshall 1960BV Black Slash Snakepit CAB 4x12 With English HP 70W Vintage 30's W/Trucker Girl & Snakepit Badge
Marshall 1960BX English 1996' "Greenbacks" G12M 25W 4x12 CAB W/Trucker Girl

Rack System (Fx Loop):
Millenium SR-2008 19" Studio Rack
FURMAN MX-10XE Power Conditioner for best/safest, cleanest signal possible and cable management.
BOSS GE-7 Made In Japan (MiJ Black Label "1986")
DBX 266XL Rack Compressor/Noise Gate for leads and cleans
YAMAHA SPX900 Multi Effects Processor MIJ 80's
ROLAND SRV-2000 Rack Reverb/Delay Original MIJ 80's

Yamaha HS-7 Monitor Speakers
Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Pro
Royer AxeMount
Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd GEN
Mic Screen to minimize room noise, bleed and focus the sound more

Pedalboard,(Everything in front):
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus
BOSS DD-3 (Buffer)
ISP Deci-MateX
MXR Slash Octave Fuzz
MXR Clean Boost/Line Driver
Dunlop CryBaby Q-Zone
Dunlop CryBaby Slash SC95
Dunlop CryBaby Slash SW-95
Polytune3 Mini Noir (Buffer)

Mogami Platinum & Custom made thick cables
Elixir Optiweb (Green) 11-49 Coated to maintain the brightness and treble churp/attack of new strings.
Dunlop Tortex 1.14 Purple
Slash the "Ritz" Replica Leather Strap Handmade in Italy
Red Monkey Eyelet Custom Slasher Leather Strap from L.A
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