Slimline Stand Mount SPEAKER BUILD - by SoundBlab

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This small stereo speaker set was designed around the Tang Band W5 5 inch subwoofer driver in a bass reflex enclosure. Each speaker consist of a Dayton Audio rear-firing tweeter and a Tang Band W3 3inch mid-range driver. The goal was to have a small but powerful stereo speaker system that has very good horizontal off-axis response for a wide soundstage and great imaging.

= BUILD PLAN: https://bit.ly/3BTW4XE

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- Speaker wire (14 AWG) - (US) https://bit.ly/2BuKbLc , (EU) https://bit.ly/39erRI4
- Tang Band W5-1138SMF 4 ohm Subwoofer - (US) https://bit.ly/2Sxuo7x , (EU) https://bit.ly/3GRGyPB
- Tang Band W3-881SJ 3" Cast Frame Neodymium Driver - (US) https://bit.ly/3qjD68s , (EU) https://bit.ly/3k9lWZp
- Dayton Audio ND25FA-4 Tweeter - (US) https://bit.ly/2HtE0K1 , (EU) https://bit.ly/3wgunqI
- Pair of Binding Posts - (US) https://bit.ly/3rr9mac , (EU) https://bit.ly/3wP4o8s

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