Small But Mighty - SMSL VMV A1 Class A Integrated Amp

You wouldn't be an audiophile if you didn't have at least some curiosity about class A amplifiers. The downside is that they're usually massive thanks to big heatsinks, very expensive, and very heavy. In this video I'll share my thoughts on a class A integrated amp that will give you a serious case of cognitive dissonance. Enter the $660 SMSL VMV A1 coming in at a svelte 4.4 lbs while pumping out up to 15 watts from a CNC machined aluminum chassis that fits in the palm of your hand. I'll also compare it to my reference McIntosh MA8900 and the recent Pass ACA class A monoblocks I built.

Visit Apos Audio for more info on this amplifier:

Tracks I used in this review:
*"A Dark Knight" by Hans Zimmer:
*"Are We Really Through" by Ray Lamontagne:
*"Black Crow" by Angus and Julia Stone:
*"How to Save a Life" by The Fray Live From Soho:
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