Small Low Cost Metal Detector Circuit

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Today in this video we are going to show you a tiny metal detector circuit which can be easily available in market.

Guys this is very Small Low Cost Metal Detector Circuit with on board coil. by this metal detector we can detect the metal at the distance of approx 1cm. whenever any metal is detector buzzer on the board, starts beeping. This is a great project for metal detection

what is metal detector : Metal detector is a device which is used to detect the metal, for metal detection whenever any metal placed near the circuit board, it detect the metal. the concept behind metal detection is that, whenever any metal placed near the coil of metal detector, inductance of coil starts changing, and our circuit detect the changes and trigger the buzzer of metal detector and it starts beeping.

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friends this is a metal detector circuit which can be used to detect the metal proximity and give us output as buzzer, metal detector is a very good option for school project and by using this circuit we can easily make metal detector project at home.

metal detector is also used in airport, malls and other public places for security reasons. the main reason behind using the metal detector is that, it can detect the metal hide in body or pocket and we can easily detect the metal.

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So friends, this is the Metal Detector Circuit which you can easily buy in the market, its cost is between hundred to one and a half hundred rupees.

Let us see by testing it, here friends have this pin installed in Metal Detector.

From where we have to connect this battery, for this I use Li Ion Battery here.

If you want, you can also use 9 volt or any other battery here.

First of all, I connect this pin here, friends, the connection has been done.

Now we start testing it, friends, as if we bring a medal to him.

Here the buzzer's sound starts, and when taken away, the buzzer turns off.

Its range is about one centimeter and we can set its range by rotating the potentiometer.

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