Soldano ASTRO-20 Tube Amplifier | Demo and Overview with Justus West

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Built in the USA, the all-new Soldano Astro-20 is a compact 20-watt amp, available as a head or combo, offering up three-channels of celestial sound. Powered by a dual 6V6 output section, Astro-20’s four unique Galaxies serve up a wide range of tones, from crisp cleans to soaring leads. Additionally, its six on-board DSP-powered IRs can be used for silent recording or running straight into Front of House.

“The Astro-20 is a super-usable and technology-forward amp,” says Justus West. “This is the perfect amp for the modern day guitar player. Whether you’re going for clean tones or heavy metal tones, this amp can cover all of the things.”

Equally at home on-stage, in the rehearsal space or in the recording studio, the Astro-20 is your one-way ticket to limitless sonic exploration.

Keep up with Justus West:

00:00 - Intro with Justus West
00:28 - Overview and Features of the Soldano ASTRO-20 Amplifiers
01:15 - Overview of the Soldano ASTRO-20’s “Galaxies”
01:51 - Playing Through the Clean Channel
02:53 - Experimenting with the “Bright” Switch on the Clean Channel
04:38 - Clean Channel with Maxed Out Channel Gain
05:42 - The Overdrive Capabilities of the Soldano ASTRO-20
07:23 - Testing the Limits of the ASTRO-20’s Blue Galaxy
08:40 - Stepping The Gain Up with the Purple Galaxy
09:12 - Comparing the Blue and Purple Galaxies
09:31 - Cranking the Gain in the Purple Galaxy
10:32 - Manipulating the Presence Control in the Purple Galaxy
11:38 - Fine-Tuning the Power Amp’s Bass Response with the Depth Control
13:22 - Achieving the Legendary Soldano Lead Tone with the Red Galaxy
14:18 - Justus on the Versatility of the Soldano ASTRO-20
14:44 - Cranking the Gain in the Red Galaxy
15:50 - Playing Percussively Through the Red Galaxy
17:11 - A Quick Recap of the Soldano ASTRO-20’s Features
17:42 - Cycling Through the ASTRO-20’s Six DSP-Powered IR Selections
19:20 - Justus’ Final Thoughts on the Soldano ASTRO-20 Amplifiers
20:16 - Outro
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