SOLID STATE STEREO Amplifier KA-4004 -1972.Hi-ATC series integrated amplifier.Trio-Kenwood Inc.,

SOLID STATE STEREO Amplifier KA-4004 - 1972
Kenwood, Trio-Kenwood Inc.
Hi-ATC series integrated amplifier with enhanced characteristics only in the audible frequency band but also in the ultra-low range.
The all-stage direct connection + pure complementary circuit by ± 2 power supply system is adopted.
The transistor of the metal can seal is adopted as the first stage circuit and an equalizer circuit of an integrated amplifier.
Moreover, the metal film resistance of the low noise type nichrome vapor deposition is used for the first stage circuit, the equalizer circuit, and the tone circuit, and the secular change is suppressed.
Amplifier section
Effective Dynamic Power
Music Power:
- 95W (4Ω) ; 56W (8Ω)
Output bandwidth (IHF):10Hz-50kHz
noise ratio (closed circuit):110dB
Optimal load impedance:4Ω ~ 16Ω
Tone control:Bass: 100Hz ± 10dB
Treble: 10kHz ± 10dB
Loudness control (rated output -30dB):100Hz: + 8dB
10kHz: + 3dB
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Power-supply voltage:AC100V / 117V ,50Hz / 60Hz(ប្រើភ្លើង)
Power consumption :66W
Material: Wooden case
​ ទ/Width 435 mm
កំ/Height 153 mm
ជំ/Depth 300 mm
ទំងន់/Weight 9.3Kg
ផលិតឆ្នាំReleased: 1972s
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