Some Amazing Tones For TONEX!!

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As of today my new Tonex Ravv Gen 100 Ultimate bundle of profiles for the IK Multimedia Tonex is available. This is a bundle of profiles that is based on the incredible Revv Generator 100 R amplifier. These tones turned out great and work beautifully in and out of the mix. I really hope you enjoy both the demo and the presets. If you would like to grab a copy of the preset bundle, you can do so from the link below:

Tonex Ravv 100 Gen 100 Ultimate Bundle:

If you would like grab a copy of either Tonex or Amplitube, you can do from the links below:

Tonex -
Amplitube 5 -

0:00 - Introduction
1:41 - Profile Overview
2:32 - Clean Tones
3:24 - Edge Of Breakup Tone
3:55 - Overdrive Tones
4:19 - Lead Tones
4:41 - Tweaking Tones
5:22 - Presets
7:11 - Swapping Cabs
7:52 - Importing/Exporting Presets
9:09 - Audio In The Mix
13:34 - Conclusion

As always, thanks so much for watching...

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