Sometimes You Have to Know When To Stop

This is by far one of the most frustrating things I have had to do with this car... Electrical has always been a weak spot for me and this is no exception. I have been trying to track down this issue where the car auto force starts into Accessory mode and will not do anything else. I've been learning a ton from HPA about motorsports wiring but I have a long way to go. I decided that I am going to replace the body harness with a used one from a 2017 STI and not modify it and roll with what we can. SO with that being said... I hate wiring lmao

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Parts Used:
Hoover Car Shampooer:
Haltech Elite 2500:
Pressure washer:

Tools For The Garage:
Special Oil Funnel:
Coolant Burping Tank:
3/8" Socket Seet:
1/4" Socket Set:
3/8" Impact Gun:
3/8" Ratcheting Wrench:
Batteries for those electric tools:
Floor Jack:
Jack Stands:
Gucci Screw Driver Set:
Hook and Pick Set:

Mirror - KV
Emoji - Tubebackr
One Day Soon - Smith the sons
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