Songs from the Studio EP1: "Do You Feel It" Rhythm Section Tracking

Welcome to the very first episode of out new video series "Songs from the Studio"! We are excited about this series and look forward to bringing you lots of fun music and video.

In this episode we record a song using only 1 microphone on each instrument. The mic we chose is the Mic Parts V251. This was a fun challenge!

Written by:
Guitar: Ernesto Homeyer -
Bass: Menno Verbaten -
Drums: Charlie Waymire -

Gear used:
Trident 88 Console
Heritage Audio HA73
Heritage Audio Successor
Ludwig Classic Maple Drums
Ludwig Acrolyte Snare
Paiste Cymbals
Fender Jazz Bass
Polytone Mini Brute III Bass Amp
Les Paul
Super Strat
Bugera BC30

00:00 Intro Video
00:16 Series Introduction
01:38 Live Room Setup/Band Introduction
02:38 Tracking Drums
04:37 Drum Setup/Signal Chain
05:56 Tracking Bass
07:40 Bass Amp/Signal Chain
08:45 Tracking Guitar
11:12 Guitar Setup/Signal Chain
13:16 Tracking Acoustic/Setup/Signal Chain
14:35 Tracking Tamborine
15:25 Episode 1 Wrap-Up

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