Songs from the Studio EP5 "Turn Around" Recording Bass & Guitar

In E5 we'll lay down the low end and track a scorching guitar solo!! In-between we have a few mixing moves to make while bouncing tracks back to the 4-track.

The song starts to come together with Menno Verbaten recording bass and @Ernesto Homeyer recording guitar.

What is "Songs from the Studio"?
In "Songs from the Studio" we'll write, record and release a new song. We will film the writing and recording process for every song and release a mini documentary series along with the song.

Watch the entire "Songs from the Studio" series:

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Artist Links:
Ernesto Homeyer:
Youtube: @Ernesto Homeyer
IG: ernestohomeyer

Menno Verbaten:
IG: mennoverbaten
Bandcamp: https://mennoverbaten.bandcamp.com/

Charlie Waymire:
IG: ultimatestudiosinc
IG: charliewaymire

"Turn Around" written by:
Charlie Waymire
Ernesto Homeyer
Menno Verbaten
Steve Deluca

Gear Used:
Tascam X-28
Trident 88 Console
Roswell Pro Audio Colares @Roswell Pro Audio
Fender Jazz Bass
Ampeg SVT-400T @AmpegTV
Les Paul
Lance Alonzo Super Strat
Boss Super Chorus
Boss RV-3 Delay @BOSSchannel
Toneluxe EQ5P
Yamaha ProR3 Reverb
Bogner Ecstasy @bogneramplification
MXR Phase 90 @jimdunlopusa

00:00 Intro
00:23 Tracking Bass Guitar
02:46 Bass Amp & Mic Setup
03:33 Tracking Rhythm Guitars
05:51 Day 1 Wrap Up
07:40 A Bit of Mixing
09:46 Tracking Guitar Solo
12:01 Guitar Pedal Setup


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