Songwriting with Fuzz pedal │ SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz │ How I Write

See how I write music, learn songwriting and arranging, get inspired!
In this video I am showing you how I write with fuzz pedals, how I work with my pedals during songwriting process and how I build a song structure.
This song is instrumental, no vocals yet.
The first ideas for this song came to my mind once I have been testing the new fuzz pedal by SMR Toys.
N-1 is very musical sounding fuzz, it's boutique quality pedal, handmade in Czech Republic.
It's inspired by Electro Harmonix Green Big Muff Civil War.
And it works great with any amplifier I have been testing it with, even the Dual rectifier.
Another strong inspiration comes from the Audified plug-ins, especially from my ToneSpot Electric plug-in and Linda Audio IronVerb plug-in.
The sound in this video is not properly mixed and mastered, its a songwriting demo.
May the muse be with you!
---------- CHAPTERS ----------
0:00 Basic harmony ideas & basic tones
0:33 Recording the dry introduction riff
0:46 Adding FX from Audified Linda IronVerb & ToneSpot Electric Pro
0:56 Intro with SMR Toys N-1 Fuzz pedal activated
1:24 Recording the pushed-clean introduction atmo riff
1:48 Experimenting with N-1 Fuzz pedal into Fryette Sig:X
2:33 Recording single-note fuzzy riff
2:49 Double-tracking the riff
3:03 Switching to my baritone guitar equipped with active EMG pickups
3:51 Recording the heavy baritone riff
4:18 Recording sustained tones over the pushed-clean atmo part
4:38 Experimenting with EVH Phase 90
5:15 Adding Deluxe Big Muff
5:29 Adding Whammy
5:37 Recording the bridge ending
6:07 Intro chords progressing
6:41 Recording the intro chords progression
7:03 Recording the intro chords progression without N-1 Fuzz
7:23 How could it continue?
8:07 Recording it with N-1 Fuzz
8:33 Building the lead tone
9:27 Improvising some lead ideas
9:47 Experimenting with Stratocaster & Rotovibe
10:50 Recording the lead part
11:29 Building the lead part
12:12 Recording the lead part
12:34 Recording the ultra-sustain lead part
12:54 Experimenting with extreme sounds
14:08 Recording extreme sounds
14:40 Double-tracking extreme sounds
15:01 Ending accents
16:11 Bass recording

Video post-production by Kryštof Kozák.

Big thanx goes to Rostislav Janda for the opportunity to test out his beautiful pedal and forcing me to push my limits a little :)
Big thanx goes to Libor Haloda for lending me his awesome Fender Telecaster guitar.

#fuzz #songwriting #guitar

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