SONICAKE Amphonix Bluetooth Headphone Guitar Amplifier Portable Pocket with Multi-Effects

Amphonix is Sonicake new generation Bluetooth headphone guitar amplifier. Built with 6 amp models, inside you'll find all the heat of the world's most famous amplifiers, each with a full range of tone adjustment. You get everything you need for clean natural tone, toasty overdrive, and even heavy metal, ALL IN ONE!

Not only that, but these amps can be combined with 18 effects. Switchable modulation, delay and reverb effect modules to give your performance that A-list tone.

A special designed lithium battery is for powering the amp and bringing you over five hours of continuous use, charged by USB.

An aux in jack bestows upon you the right to jam on your favorite tracks, or simply do it via Bluetooth without the shackles of cables.

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