SonoBus Raspberry PI - Media Center Audio over WiFi Receiver - using a 5G Wireless Router

has versions for ios, android, mac, linux, windows

using a 5G router to send media audio from a media center PC to a Raspberry PI 4 audio over ip receiver to use headphones to listen directly from the PI's own headphone jack

AV SOURCE in this demo is a MAC MIN using a DAW
to bring in CABLE TV audio/video and the MAC MINI DESKTOP audio/video
the DAW is using the SONOBUS VST plugin to send audio to the PI4 over
5G wifi ... Mac mini is using ethernet to a network switch to send...the PI4 is using its own 5G wifi adapter to receive the MAC MINI's audio stream over ip
NOTE: Sonobus has a COMPRESSOR plugin and an EQ plugin to adjust the audio to your preferences
helps to keep the VOLUME stable, keeping it from going to high or too low....
- also can increase or reduce certain audio frequencies
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