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The Sonus faber Omnia powered speaker system delivers huge, room-filling sound without taking up much space. Its 7-driver array creates a wide, lush sound field with satisfying bass.

Sonus faber Omnia:

The Omnia certainly doesn't look like other powered speakers, and it's easy to wonder how it sounds so big and wide when you fire it up. The answer lies in its 7-driver system, coupled with some DSP magic...and plenty of power.

Internal amplification provides 490 watts RMS, delivered through two tweeters, two midrange, two side-firing full-range and a dedicated down-firing woofer for the bass. That setup uses Sonus faber's Crescendo digital processing technology to create a big wall of sound with a real sense of space that is surprising at first, given that the whole system is relatively compact.

The top of the Omnia is real wood, and it's touch-sensitive, giving you control over your music. Of course, you'll use the included remote for that type of thing normally, but there's something undeniably cool about using that wood panel if you're near the speaker.

It's easy to connect to the Sonus faber Omnia, you just choose the one that works for you. For the highest-quality streaming you can get the speaker on your home Wi-Fi network, or you can use Bluetooth for convenience. There are a lot of digital and analog wired connections, too, including a switchable phono stage and an HDMI ARC connection. This makes an excellent TV speaker that'll sound amazing, deliver satisfying bass, and enhance the dialog on screen.

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