Sony HT-A5000 - Better Than Home Theater Speakers?

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Today we see if a Sony's HT-A5000 mid-range soundbar can replace my current living room setup. How does it compare to the Sony HT-A7000? If you're looking for a soundbar or small home theater setup for your living room this is the video for you.

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0:00 Introduction
1:33 My Current Setup
2:17 A5000 Overview
3:06 Optional Speakers
3:58 Design
5:24 Tech Specs & Features
5:50 Setup
6:39 How Does It Sound?
7:19 SA-RS5 Wireless Speakers
8:04 RS3S Wireless Speakers
8:25 SA-SW3 Subwoofer
8:54 Caveats
9:32 Is It Worth The Price?
10:20 Is It Better Than My Setup?
10:45 Final Thoughts

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