Sound DEMO! Marantz 40n Integrated Amplifier vs Marantz Model 30 integrated Amplifier TSAV

Sound DEMO! Marantz 40n Integrated Amplifier vs Marantz Model 30 integrated Amplifier TSAV

Marantz Model 40n:

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier:

Marantz Model 30n SACD, Streaming, Digital to Analog Converter:

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Other Products discussed or filmed during the video:

Marantz 40n Integrated Streaming Amplifier-
Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier-

Marantz Model 30n SACD, DAC, STREAMER-

Marantz reference TT-15S1 Turntable-

Sonus Faber Olympica Nova V's Full Range Floor Standing Speakers-

Dual REL Stereo Subwoofers T/9x

REL Upgraded Bassline Blue Cable-

Chord Hugo TT2 Headphone Amplifier and Premium DAC-

Chord Hugo 2/2go streaming module

Chord 2yu-

Clarus Concerto Power Conditioner-

Clarus Sextet Power Conditioner-

Clarus Duet Power Conditioner-

Clarus Crimson MKII Speaker Cable-

Clarus Auqua MKII Speaker Cable-

Clarus Crimson Power Cable-

Clarus Aqua Power Cable-

Audio Research Corporation Integrated Tube Amplifier I/50- https://thesourceav.com/products/audio-research-the-i-50-integrated-amplifier

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Today, we will try something different and record a few tracks in my listening room of the Marantz 40n Network Integrated Amplifier vs. the Marantz Model 30 integrated amplifier. This video should allow you to hear some of the sound signature differences between these two amplifiers if you can listen with highly resolving headphones. The recordings will be done with the Sonus faber Olympica Nova V’s and my reference DAC the Chord Hugo TT2. The tracks used are licensed music tracks to avoid any copyright strikes.

As I said, I recommend utilizing high-performing headphones or speakers you are familiar with and neutral-tuned components. This is not a perfectly scientific process, and your mileage may vary, but we hope it will allow you to hear some of the differences between these two amplifiers.

For those not close enough to a dealer, it may provide more knowledge and information that will hopefully give you a better idea of which amplifier might be more your speed.

Armed with all this information and the product info we shared from our two other Marantz Integrated amplifier videos, which I will link at the end of this video, we hope to help you make the best decision and enjoy watching and listening to some music with us!

All of us from TSAV hope you enjoyed this video. If you are in the greater Los Angeles region or just looking to make a trip to hear a fantastic selection of Marantz products, our TSAV 10,000 Sqft showroom and headphone bar have one of the largest selections of personal audio, 2 Channel Stereo, and Home Cinema products to see and hear in the country.
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