Sound for Video Session: Decibels & Q&A

This week we'll talk about the decibel — what it is and why the numbers seem different in different situations. Then we'll answer your sound for video questions.

Read Ofuk Önen' article "Decibels - Here Are 6 Simple Truths To Help Explain dB" at

Steve DeMott's article "dBs Explained: A Musician's Guide To Understanding Decibels" at

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Gear used or mentioned in this episode. The links below are, B&H Photo, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Waves, or other affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases:

- Earthworks SV33 studio vocal microphone — B&H, Sweetwater
- Earthworks ETHOS microphone — B&H, Sweetwater
- Neumann U87 Ai microphone — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon
- Universal Audio Volt 276 USB audio interface — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon
- Epiphan Pearl Nano live stream encoder — B&H, DVE Store, Amazon
- Sound Devices MixPre II Series Recorders - B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon
- Panasonic GH5 camera - B&H, Amazon
- Canon C70 Camera - B&H
- Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS lens - B&H, Amazon
- TA3-M to XLR-F Adapter cable to feed microphones to C70 or Blackmagic Pocket cameras - B&H
- ATEM Mini Extreme & Extreme ISO - B&H, DVE Store, Amazon
- Allen & Heath SQ5 Digital Mixer - B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon
- Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel, pre-amp, EQ, compressor - Sweetwater, B&H

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