sound sensor module KY-037 Arduino with sound sensor and relay and lamp

In this video, I want to show you the programming sound sensor module, KY-037 Arduino

sound sensor module KY-037 Arduino with sound sensor and relay and lamp

Components required:
1. Arduino UNO
2. breadboard
3. module KY-037
4. Relay 5 V

Download Codes and Circuit Diagrams

0:00 -Review
0:18 -Components required
0:24 -Steps to close the circuit
0:54 -Simple programming sound sensor module KY-037
1:14 -Simple running sound sensor module KY-037
1:31 -Steps to close the circuit
1:55 -Simple programming sound sensor module KY-037 and relay
2:20 -Simple running sound sensor module KY-037 and relay

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