Sound Test - Audiophile Grade 240 + 240 Watts DIY Mosfet Audio Amplifier

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Sound Test - Audiophile Grade 240 + 240 Watts DIY Mosfet Audio Amplifier
A vintage Elektor project from the 90s.

Sound quality test for 240 + 240 Watts DIY Quasi Complimentary mosfet audio amplifier based on IRF150 transistors in the output stage.

I recently completed this amplifier for which I had procured most parts in late 90s. This is an Elektor Electronics project from the 90s. The amplifier is based on quasi complimentary topology using BUZ23 N-Channel mosfets. I knew that this amplifier would sound good because I had built a couple of them in late 90s. But then due to budget constraints the build quality used to get compromised. This time around, I could not find BUZ23 mosfets as they are obsolete. Instead, I had some IRF150 mosfets in T03 package. I used them to build this amplifier and to my astonishment, the sound quality is comparable to many top-end audiophile grade amplifiers.

Note that no tone control or graphic equalizer has been used in this test demo.

So I decided to share my joy with interested viewers on Youtube.

I would be making a detailed video on its construction in a few days.

I have used some clips for audio content from Youtube and other media to demonstrate the testing. I don't know if Youtube allows this. Anyway, below are the youtube contents that I used.

Music in this video
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