Sound Test of the DIY HiFi Tower Speakers - the Amigas

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Parts and tools used:
Banana connectors -
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Hi everyone!
So in the last video I built these great looking tower speakers also known
as the Amigas. Now it's time to give them a sound test.

For that I will be using this Dayton Audio Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier. Considering it's reasonable price, this class AB amplifier packs a serious punch perfect for almost any home audio listening system. With an output power rating of 50 Watts per channel (100W total) at 4 ohms and a tube preamp section this unit is able to reproduce the warmth and character of tube amps. Combined with the brushed aluminum housing, vintage front panel VU meters, exposed tubes and a large volume knob together with bass and treble controls add to the modernized vintage look of this amplifier. The added convenience of Bluetooth 5.0 ensures high quality wireless audio streaming and functionality.
On the front panel there's also simple controls to skip and play or pause songs, and change the input source. Besides the Bluetooth input, there's an optical, USB and two analog RCA inputs along with a mono subwoofer output to connect to an active sub if needed.
Next to the inputs is the integrated cooling fan which to me is the only drawback of this amplifier unit since it is audible once the speakers are played at a higher volume but stops when audio is paused. Though I'm sure it can be replaced with a more silent fan if needed.
Once the amplifier is turned on, the tubes and the VU meters are lit with a warm color of the LED lights which give the amplifier that subtle vintage look making it a perfect centerpiece in the room.
For the quick sound test I will stream the audio via Bluetooth.

Thank you all for watching and I'll see you in the next video!
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