Soundcore Motion Boom Plus vs Sony SRS XB43 - bigger is better?

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus takes on the Sony SRS XB43 bluetooth portable speaker. Is the Sony XB43 a match for the powerhopuse that is the Soundcore Motion Boom?
Soundcore Motion Boom Plus:
Sony XB43:
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0:00 intro
6:33 Motion Boom Plus vs XB43 60% volume
9:36 60% spectrum analysis
10:06 60% summary
12:01 100% maximum volume test
13:31 100% spectrum analysis
13:48 100% summary
16:40 specs
21:05 conclusion

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Alan Ross Reviews Top Picks:
Pound for pound world champion:
Soundcore Motion Boom:
Amazingly deep bass to 40hz for its size and price.
For a leaner more agile sound with seven more deep bass for the same price try the Mifa Wildbox
Still worth a look:
My former world champ the Soundcore Motion Plus can still offer great clarity.
£50 champion:
Great bass for its size, Soundcore Boost:
Tribit Xsound Mega: medium sized mono speaker with fun bass and light show.
Bass Heavy Speakers:
Soundcore Motion Boom Plus: Hard to beat for its price and bass depth
Very Deep bass (40hz) but lacks clear mids and highs JBL Boombox 2:
Harman Kardon Go+ (mid and upper bass heavy but with decent balance): Play
Onyx Studio 6 (warmer than the 7, bass heavy in balance):
Bag of Riddim 2: dollops of mid and upper bass help to give a warm and open sound. Fun listen but not to accurate.
Hi End Picks
Minirig mk3 2.2 system:
Great for portable low deep kick: Onyx Studio 6 (more bass than Onyx 7):
Monitor Like openess and neutrality but lacks deep bass Audio Pro C3:
Travel Speakers:
Marshall Stockwell 2:
offers a decent immersive sound with full and tight bass. Beware though it does not go very loud
JBL Charge 5:, mono but has a very clear and dynamic sound at low volumes and can go reasonably loud. Bit screechy over 80%.
Bose Soundlink Flex: good bass heavy sound for its compact travel friendly size.
Denon 250bt, no longer made but the standard for size/quality ratio?
JBL Flip 6: louder than the Bose Soundlink Flex and has better highs (though too much, bit harsh) but not as full sounding as the Flex.
Beosound A1 1st gen: sounds better than 2nd gen and goes louder but has app, connectivity and battery issues. Very deep bass for small size and clearer than the Bose Flex.
Best Mini/Micro Options:
Bose Soundlink Micro (warm):
Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 (clinical):
Also consider Beosound A1 1st gen (more HiFi).
Minirig Mini 2:
Worth a Look:
W-King T9:
The T9 is a reasonably loud and balanced party speaker with a big bright detailed sound.
Budget Loud Boombox: no clear winner but my pick for fun outside listen would be:
W-King X10-1 for form factor and loudness
W-King D9 for bass with a little smoother signature:

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus or the older Sony XB43 :)
Alan Ross Reviews, probably the best reviews in the universe :)
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