Soundpaint - Orange 909 UDS - Walkthrough

Orange 909 was Ultra-Deep Sampled from the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine, capturing every nuance from this fabled instrument - but with our own modern hybrid cinematic twist. This extensive collection of recordings was treated through hand-picked analog preamps, compressors and effects to create signature drum sounds for the future. From warm and fuzzy to hard and punchy, from clean to dirty, from ordinary to experimental, Orange 909 has got you covered for any sonic situation or emotion.

Over the years, the 909's iconic sounds have become a staple of electronic music and a must-have for dance music producers around the world. After gaining popularity on the 2nd-hand market through the 80s Chicago House music scene, this instrument's place in music history was rightfully solidified. Now we are bringing you a brand new take on the 909 through our select hardware signal processing chains and Soundpaint's powerful synthesis engine.

Truly a groundbreaking machine, the TR-909 combined analog synthesis with digital samples and was among the first to utilize MIDI. The circuits were designed with meticulous care and each drum sound is rightfully a classic, featuring thumping kicks, rolling snares and unmistakable hi-hats. Even the groove of the 909 is amazing, with a feel all its own. Let Orange 909 UDS bring this beautiful instrument to life in your music.

Orange 909 UDS is $30

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0:00 Intro – “They have such a characteristic punch”
3:03 Parts
3:15 Part: API LA3 Moog Filter
3:53 Parts: Bass Drum Cinema Moog (4 parts)
5:48 Part: Bass Drum Magic – “The best bass drum of all”
7:14 Part: Bass Drum Plasma
7:52 Part: Curated Moog Drive Analog Heat
8:22 Part: Echo Man
9:16 Part: Extreme Moog Res
9:51 Parts: Master Out (3 Parts)
11:31 Parts: Roland 505 (2 Parts)
12:31 Part: Roland 505 Plate Reverb
12:51 Parts: Single Shots (2 Parts)
14:05 Part: Snappy Master Out
14:39 Part: Stereo Moog Drive
15:02 Part: Stereo Studer Shadowhill DBX 160 – “A legendary drum compressor”
16:11 Part: Velocity OTO Compression
16:50 Part: Vogue Two Accents
17:18 Part: Warm Two Accents
17:53 Programs
18:15 Program: 3 Beat
18:47 Program: 505 Plate Rev
19:37 Program: Big Bad Bass
20:40 Program: Big Spender
22:09 Program: Brutality
22:50 Program: Cinematic Kick 2
23:35 Program: Orange 909 Club Mills – “An homage to Jeff Mills”
24:37 Programs: Combo Kits (3 Programs)
27:08 Program: Cruncky & Slow
27:45 Program: Experimental Groove
28:27 Program: Gentle Bass
29:31 Program: Hard Party
30:00 Program: Hunter
30:36 Program: Lo-Fi Kick Line
30:58 Program: Magic Anarchy
31:50 Program: Pump It Up
32:21 Program: Tailored Kick “Air”
33:01 Program: Tailored Kick “Grunge”
33:54 Program: Tailored Kick “Punch” – “The punchiest thing I could possibly make”
34:31 Program: Tailored Kick “Zap”
34:59 Program: Triad Groove
35:56 Outro – “Everything you need and more”

- - - - - -

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