sp3ct3rs d3mos presents Babel by Deadbug Circuits

The Deadbug Circuits Babel was a hell of a surprise. First time I have been asked to demo a synth of any kind. Loved the experience for sure. Hoping for more of this in the future.

Babel is a pedalboard-friendly drone synth. Complete with four separate oscillators, each with its own pitch control and smart footswitch. The oscillators also have a master volume, master filter control, and their own dedicated effects loop.

Babel also has an Effects Loop, throw anything in and listen to the very fun changes to the Babel synths sounds.

Babel has Smart Footswitches. Each oscillator has its own independent footswitch, which can operate as both a momentary and a latching switch. When tapped, the switch will act as a latching footswitch and stay on until it is tapped again. When the switch is held, the switch will stay on until it is released.

Babel has audio in and your signal simply gets buffered at unity gain and then sent through the summing stage.


These are the colored knobs, they each go to their respective oscillator. Turn it to the left for a low pitch, or turn it to the right for a higher pitch.

Inside the pedal, a capacitor is socketed for each oscillator, three different values of capacitor will be supplied in order to have three different pitch ranges. -Instructions on how to switch out capacitors will be included in the manual.-

A volume control. Right loud, left, not loud. The Vol control affects all four oscillators.

This is a simple low-pass filter. Turn it to the left for the oscillators to be more harsh sounding, or turn it to the right to mellow them out a bit. The Filt control affects all four oscillators.


scene 1:
Pladask Elektrisk - Baklengs
IndustrialEctric - RM1N

scene 2:
Prodigal Sounds - Atropos
Nightfall Pedal Co. - 11:33
Wonderful Audio Technology - Ancient Echos

scene 3:
Resonance Circuitz - Empathy Generator
Lurch Audio - SIlo

scene 4:
Fowl Sounds - Echonimicon
CBA - Habit
CBA - Blooper

scene 5:
Korg - Microsampler
Home Noise Effects - Black Lodge

scene 6:
AC Noises - Respira
AC Noises - AMA
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