SPEAKER, Motor and Fan BLOWOUT with Smoke and FIRE! AC and DC Destruction

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A simple video to get back in the flow of uploading videos again. The motors/fans/speakers in this video were junk and were filling up space. Hope you enjoy.
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1. The transformer was from a broken subwoofer
2. The bridge rectifier was from the same subwoofer
3. The first 2 speakers were from a musical keyboard that had issues.
4. The third speaker was from a very cheap Bluetooth speaker.
5. speakers 4 and 5 were from a broken tv. they sounded ok but I found better speakers for my collection.
6. The two enclosed speakers were from an Alienware laptop that I disassembled.
7. The next two were from a Phillips CRT television (maybe I shouldn't have blown them).
8. The red fan was from a cheap power supply that smelled like burning.
9. The next fan was from a Peltier water cooler.
10. This speaker was from a Panasonic bookshelf speaker with a blown tweeter.
11. This motor was off a power wheels (I think) and had a bearing problem.
12. The little motor was from a broken cassette player. I have lots of these.
13. The next motor was from a milk heater which had a bearing problem.
14. The big fan was from a laptop cooling pad which I broke.
15. The last motors were also from broken cassette players.

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