Speakons for Sound Systems

I get a lot of questions about Speakons and how to use them in regards to sound systems. I hope this video goes some way to explain their usage along with some basic wiring knowledge.

Sorry the audio level is a bit low in this video, I messed up the settings for the output of my video editing software...

0:00 Introduction
0:49 NL4 and NL8 overview
2:05 NL4
4:15 NL8
5:03 What are they for?
6:09 NL4 or NL8?
9:34 Which wire to where?
11:07 Notes on linking sockets
13:14 Theory of linking sockets
14:15 How I link sockets
17:01 Linking sockets to the driver
19:30 Summary of points

Links to the dishes mentioned in the video (no affiliation)

NL4 dish pre-wired:
NL8 dish pre-wired:
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