SPL introduces the new MTC Mk2

SPL of Germany has announced the MTC Mk2, the successor of the MTC monitor controller. The new product is set to ship in North America by Q4, 2022, and is distributed by Focal-Naim America in the US and Canada.

With the new MTC Mk2, SPL introduces the successor of the MTC monitor controller. The classic SPL MTC has been updated with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments. Advanced source and speaker selection, multiple monitoring modes, an integrated premium talkback system, headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix, an additional input for a dedicated artist mix, and an internal audio operating voltage of +/-18 volts all make the MTC Mk2 the next-generation monitor and talkback controller.

“The MTC Mk2 offers a lot more than just the standard feature-set of a monitor controller. Besides a premium talkback system, one of its game-changing new features is the SPL Phonitor Matrix, which enables the engineer to also create perfect mixes on Headphones,” stated Hermann Gier, Managing Partner of SPL of Germany.

SPL’s Phonitor Matrix helps engineers can mix on Headphones. While music is normally produced and mixed for playback on stereo speakers, listening on Headphones is different from listening on loudspeakers. The biggest difference is the lack of crossing signals of the sound signal from the left speaker to the right ear, and from the right speaker to the left ear. These crossing signals are missing in conventional listening using Headphones because no signals are crossing from one side of the Headphones to the other. This results in an unnaturally wide stereo stage and sound sources are not played back at their correct position in the stereo field. The SPL Phonitor Matrix can correct this false stereo image with its analog circuitry.

SPL “MTC Mk2” – Monitor and Talkback Controller
• 4 stereo inputs (3 balanced, and 1 RCA)
• 3 pairs of outputs for stereo speakers
• 1 mono output for subwoofer
• 2 audiophile headphone amplifiers with individual volume control
• Phonitor Matrix headphone controls
• Integrated premium talkback system
• Cue mix input for artist monitor mix
• Monitoring modes: phase inversion, mono, M/S, and LR Swap
• Meter Out
• Operating voltage +/-18 volts: offers more headroom
• Internal Linear Power Supply with Toroidal Transformer

The new SPL MTC Mk2 is set to ship in North America by Q4, 2022, and is distributed by Focal-Naim America in the US and Canada, the retail price is $1,799. USD.
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