Stand out from the crowd! Donner DST Designer Series DST-200 Review丨Donner Spotlight

The Donner Designer series features a complete set-up with excellent sound, as well as stylish color matching and unique configuration for musicians who want to stand out from the crowd. Today's Donner Spotlight, featuring guitarist Fabio, let's dive into the DST Designer Series, this DST-200 electric guitar.

Since the mid-50s, the ST style model has been a favorite of guitarists due to its classic body and versatility. Donner's DST line includes a wide range of models tailored specifically to guitarists at every stage, all of which deliver excellent tone and amazing performance, allowing you to jumpstart your musical journey!

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0:00-1:45 Demonstration Pt.1
1:46-2:04 What is Donner DST Designer Series
2:05-2:43 Body and Neck
2:44-3:58 How's it sound
3:59-4:30 The other features
4:31-6:04 Demonstration Pt.2

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