Starsound Apocalypse 15 unboxing.

Starsounds new Apocalypse range of subwoofers are available in both 12-inch and 15-inch. Pricing starts from as low as around R1600 for a 12-inch and goes up to around R2300.00, depending on the area you're in.
The subwoofer sports a 3-inch voice coil and a double stacked motor. While I have already given it (a pair) over 3500W RMS from my 8k amplifier, the woofers will do really well with around 1000W to 1300W RMS daily. It is able to take a lot more power when used in an SPL burb.
While the woofer is constructed really well, I will not recommend you attempt designing an enclosure that's tuned very low. Anything north of 43Hz enclosure tuning, and the woofer should be happy. For those of you looking for a woofer that you can use to compete in SPL, Bass Boxing and then still listen to daily, without using bucket loads of power, you should be rather pleased with this subwoofer, especially considering its price point.

The one thing I noticed with the FS of this woofer is that the spec printed on the side of the enclosure is of a brand new woofer, out of the box. Once this subwoofer runs in, the FS will drop, which means the FS of this woofer will be somewhere between 42Hz and 48Hz.

I have dropped these woofers into my Corsa UTE and will post a few demo videos soon.

Thanks for Watching.
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