STEREO WARS: Brands You Never Knew Existed! - JCPenny & MCS

Did off brand HIFI stand a chance during the Stereo Wars of the 1970's? Every company wanted a piece of the piece of the cash cow that was HiFi in the 1970s. Would JCPenny be able to take a chunk of the action or would they fall flat?

This solid state MCS 3233 from Modular Component Systems was manufactured in during the late 1970’s and into the very early 1980’s. MCS was a house brand for JC Penney. MCS didn’t actually manufacture their equipment and there has been quite a bit of discussion online as to who made their receivers. The general consensus is that Technics (Mastushita) and NEC made most of them though other manufacturers may have built them as well. They do look a little like the early Technics receivers so they seem the most likely manufacturer. However, some units have a Made in Taiwan badge which would preclude either NEC or Technics as the manufacturer.

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