STL AmpHub - Bogart Ultrasonic Blue Model (Bogner Uberschall) Amp Sim Demo

STL AmpHub - Bogart Ultrasonic Blue Model Amp Sim Plugin (In a mix & isolated)

As I was playing around with the excellent STL AmpHub July Update that includes this new Bogart Ultrasonic Blue Model, based on a Bogner Uberschall. I thought it'd be cool to repurpose an old song to demonstrate some of the tones available in a more 80s Rock style.

This is a monster amp sim plugin that excels at high gain tones, but don't be fooled this guitar amp plugin is extremely versatile and there's no rock guitar tones it can't cover.

Leave a comment if you’re interested in settings, etc.

0:00 - Demo in a mixed track
2:55 - Heavy Rhythm Isolated (GGD IR)
3:37 - Lead Isolated (GGD IR)
4:08 - Clean Isolated

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