Stones, Bricks, and Gray Circuits | Factorio Pure Angels #45

We are back to making things happen in Factorio, rather than making trains happen! Now with bricks and stones!

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Main Mods/Dependencies:
-Angel's Industries
-Angel's Petrochemical Processing
-Angel's Bioprocessing
-Angel's Refining
-Angel's Smelting
-Angel's Addons Storage
-Angel's Addons Mass Transit
(Industry, Tech, and Component overhauls enabled)
-Space Extension Mod

QoL/Content Mods:
-AAI Signal Transmission
-Advanced Fluid Handling
-Big Brother
-Bob's Adjustable Inserters
-Extended Vanilla: Mining Drills
-Fully Automated Rail Layer
-LTN Combinator Modernized
-LTN Manager
-Merging Chests
-Nanobots: Early Bots
-Picker Atheneum
-Picker Dollies
-Picker Extended
-Pipe Visualizer
-Quality of Life Research
-Resource Spawner Overhaul
-Ultimate Belts
-Water Well

Pure QoL Mods:
-Additional Paste Settings (Fixed)
-Afraid of the Dark
-Artisanal Reskins: Angel's Mods
-Artisanal Reskins: Compatibility
-Artisanal Reskins: Library
-Blueprint Flip and Turn
-Bottleneck Lite
-Brighter Lamps
-Copy Paste Modules
-Editor Extensions
-Even Distribution
-Factorio Library
-Factorio Standard Library
-GUI Unifyer
-Inserter Throughput
-Invisible Worker Robots
-Max Rate Calculator
-Module Inserter
-Run Speed Toggle
-Squeak Through
-Task List
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