Stonewall Audio: Stage One - Gain Stage Pedal

Stonewall Audio's Victor Rey is understandably very proud of his Stage One pedal. The Stage One aims to emulate the various front-end stages of an amplifier and it does it very well, in my opinion. Rather than being a classic overdrive or distortion, the Stage One reacts more like a slightly to heavily overdriven amplifier with the added bonus of 'Bright/Normal' and 'Tight/Thick' toggles to further tailor your experience and tone. The Boost component begins at around +12dB and completely wound up will give you around +30dB of extra gain. This is a dynamic pedal that you can really feel under the fingers. Bravo, Victor. I predict great things for you in 2022.

Today's tools:

Guitar: 2021 Fender American Original 50's Stratocaster & 2011 PRS Studio. Both stock.
Amp: Marshall 1962 JTM combo (reissue) to 4x12 OwnHammer Bogner IR (hosted in Axe-FX III MKII)
Power Supply: Eventide PowerMax by Cioks
Mic: Samson Airline77 (me)
Camera: iPhone 11 Pro and Canon D60
Soundcard: PreSonus Quantum & Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX III MKII (guitar, mixing and bouncing).
Desktop Monitors: PreSonus R80 R-Series Active AMT Studio Monitors (https://www.presonus.com)
Computer: 2017 Apple iMac Pro, 2.5 GHz 14-Core Intel Xeon W, 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB
Software: Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor.
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