STOP PANIC BUYING TUBES! ***UPDATE BELOW*** Please read! Ban is over!

The Russian factory is American-owned, and they received an exemption and can start shipping. I knew this before it was public, but had to keep it to myself.

Just chill. Tubes last for years. When there is high demand, prices go up and B stock tubes are going to flood the market. There is no need to stockpile tubes during this supply issue! The factory is producing. We have stock. But people are being goofballs and bought our tested tubes. We are testing more, and I know how to get more if I need them.

Remember the chip shortages? NO MORE CARS! Well, you can buy a car, for $10k over sticker. Then chips will flow, and prices drop. In the meantime, don't buy a car. Use the one you have.

Hold tight, and remember, if you do have a failed tube, we always look out for our customers. Our goal is to have tubes in stock for the life of your equipment. I have never failed you. It's my commitment to our customers.

During the Yugoslavian war, nobody could legally bring tubes in from Ei. Except me. I contacted the State Department and figured out how to do it. Legally. Then I paid cash to a friend in Hungary, he took the cash in his little Skoda and took it to the Factory Director in Nis. And came back with the tubes. My wife nicknamed me "GSD" which stands for "Get Shit Done".
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