Storytime - Fusion Car Audio catalog for 2005 @RobotUnderground made by Edge Global

Loudspeaker Coookbook -

1200.1 Class D on Amazon

600.1 Class D on Amazon

Big 4ch class AB amp for highs -

12AF2S - 12" AudioFag 2 ohm SVC - $150 local, your choice of cap.
10AF2S - 10" AudioFag 2 ohm SVC - $150 local, only black poly at this time for the cap.

Compare to AudioFrog

Recoil Premium 6.5" components:
Only $200 shipped to all of America.

Jizz Llama mid level:
Only $150 shipped to all of America.

Recoil DSP w/ 4ch class D amp and Bluetooth built in, just $150 shipped.

Cash App: $RobotUnderground or 6023126504

About Robot:

Support Robot:
Carbon and glass fiber 180mm caps are only $25 each shipped for the first one and $20 each after that.

(Cash App to $RobotUnderground). Follow directions below for payment.... yes, all the way to the bottom.

Get $10 off the 12" Johnny 5 cones when you get a cap! (Cap is $25, cone is $35),

Only $50 shipped on the pair. (One 180mm cap and one 12" cone)

Text me direct for old PPI / Precision Power, Phoenix Gold, Orion power and speaker plugs. 6023126504 TEXT ONLY

Hard Times Pro aka "Dealers Only", from BlackJack Audio glass fiber coaxials.
3yr warranty against defects. Rubber surround and swivel metal tweeter. 100uf Bass Blockers also included. Grills are also available for FREE on most sizes.

Just compare to Focal and flip, flip, flip your way to success!

3yr warranty against defects and we can drop ship direct to your client with your return address to keep The Underground... .Underground.

All prices include CONUS shipping.

Priority Mail will be more.

3.5" pair $85
4" pair $90
4x6" pair $95
5x7" pair $165
5.25" pair $165
6.5" pair $165 Compare to Focal Flax:
6x9" dual tweeters $185 per pair.

9 conductor 25' speaker wire with remote rolls are only $20 each shipped from me.

You can get them on Amazon for $25 shipped.

Copper / OFC Big 3 kits that you don't really need but here's a link for reference.


8ga OFC kits from ME are just $40 shipped (Hooker Brand)
On Amazon for $45 shipped:

4ga OFC kits from ME are just $55 shipped.
You can buy from Amazon for $65 shipped.

0ga copper kits are $99 shipped from ME, ME, ME!!!!!


$125 from Amazon:

Put me on The Moon!

Share the Starlink Studios video -

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Cash App signup:

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