Stressed Out And Car Radio - Learn Josh Dun's Grooves | Drum Lesson With Chris Hoffmann

Twenty One Pilots are one of the most successful pop/rock groups of the last years. With just two members it's pretty clear that drummer Josh Dun has a lot of room to fill in their arrangements. Chris Hoffmann chose two of their most famous songs Stressed Out and Car Radio to give you some insight into how Josh creates his groove, what variations he uses and how he adapts them in a live scenario.
Have fun!

00:00 Intro
00:15 Stressed Out
04:56 Car Radio

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Drumming and mixing by Pascal Thielen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pascal_thielen


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Sonor Prolite
Finish: Ebony White Stripe
Bass Drums: 22x16
Toms: 12x9, 16x14
Snare: 14x6 Sonor Cotton Wood Artist Snare


14" A Custom Hats
18" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom Crash
18" K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash
22" A Custom Ping Ride


Beyerdynamic https://www.beyerdynamic.de/mikrofone-drums?utm_source=Mikrofon_Kooperation&utm_medium=onlineplatform&utm_campaign=ArtofDrumming

Bassdrum: TG D70
Snare: M 201 TG (top)/ M 201 TG (bottom)
Overheads: M 90 Pro X
Toms: TG D 57
Hi-Hat: MC 930
Ride: MC 930
Room: Shure SM 58


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