Strymon Iridium | Chime | Cab C | With pedals (demo sounds) / Fender Standard Telecaster HH | pt.2

I made a series of videos showcasing the exact same setting, Chime amp with stock Cab C (Mesa Boogie 4x12 by, in different scenarios and guitars.

Here I show the same setting with an overdrive coming from Line 6's HX Effects Heir Apparent (their take on Analogman Prince of Tone). Amp setting shown in the screen. Please ignore the tape settings in the pedal. I was to lazy to peel them off for the videos (lol). The knobs show the real setting tho...

I think this stock cab is amazing with this particular amp. You can hear the characteristics of the guitar. You can compare the sound of this Telecaster with my other videos ( a Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul and Hagstrom Viking).

It has Seymour Duncan's 59 on the neck and JB in the bridge along with split coil on both pickups with a push pull tone knob,

#Strymon #Iridium #Chime

Strymon Iridium:
Fender Player Standard Telecaster HH (Not the same guitar...):
Line 6 HX effects:
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40:
Google Pixel 4a 5G:
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