Strymon Iridium Tips | Punch Channel From Clean To Mean

Putting the @strymon Iridium Punch channel through it's paces. Going from clean to mean and everything in between. The most versatile sound on the pedal.

00:12 - Intro
00:41 - The original "Plexi" sound
1:50 - Clean Sounds
2:28 - No reverb
3:42 - More clean
5:15 - Using a Deluxe Reverb IR from York Audio
6:34 - Thanks John Cordy!
6:53 - Increasing drive and testing the EQ
8:58 - BOOST With EP Booster
11:32 - DRIVE With Fulltone OCD
14:26 - FUZZ With Voodoo Labs Superfuzz
15:46 - UNIVIBES With Strymon Flint
17:13 - HUMBUCKERS wIth PRS SC 245 (Les Paul Style Guitar)
18:23 - Humbucker Boost w EP Booster
18:42 - Humbucker with Fulltone OCD
19:26 - Full Gain with Humbuckers
20:34 - Double Plexi with SL Drive
22:29 - High Gain with EVH 5150 IR from York Audio and PRS CU 24

@John Nathan Cordy has an amazing channel. Check it out here:

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Equipment used (Amazon are affiliate links)
Universal Audio Dream '65:

Strymon IRIDIUM:

Strymon FLINT:

EP Booster:

BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive:

Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive MOD:

Fender Blues Jr:

Lollar Pickups:

Warmoth Necks:

Strymon Iridium:

York Audio IR:


iMac 2017 5k:

Sony A6400 camera:

Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens:

Apogee Duet 3 Audio Interface:
I use the Apogee Duet but it is out of stock at over 10 years old, this is the newer one that will work just as well

Sony MDR-7506:
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